Xeriscaping garden ideas to conserve water and improve the look of your yard

You’ve designed beautiful lawns and gardens in the past, but xeriscaping is new territory, and it’s important to learn more about this landscaping method before getting to work. After all, even pro gardeners and landscapers need some help when xersicaping for the first time. Let these five xeriscaping ideas help you set up your yard for water conservation and eye-catching appeal. 

1. Transform problem areas that use up too much water

Certain areas, like large grassy lawns, often require a lot of water. These are the areas you want to transform in order to reduce water usage and design a more environmentally friendly outdoor space. Survey your front and back yards to determine which areas need to be changed the most. 

2. Use native and drought-resistant plants

Plants that are specific to your region often require less maintenance, making them better solutions for your yard. You can also choose drought-resistant plants like lavender and herbs, which work well in any environment. Homestead Gardens recommends planting drought-tolerant perennials such as Anise Hyssop (Agastache), Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa), Baptisia, Cone Flower (Echinacea), Gayfeather (Liatris), Switch Grass (Panicum) and Sedums. Lavender, Oregano and Thyme are three great herbs for dry locations. 

3. Create paths 

Adding more pathways to your yard is an easy way to use xeriscape techniques and reduce water consumption. Use stepping stones, mulch, gravel or a mixture of materials to design a continuous path or individual steps. 

4. Put together a beautiful rock design

Rarely do people think of rocks as decor, but they’re actually the perfect outdoor accessory! Design a rock garden to give your home’s outdoor space a more peaceful, natural appearance. All you need is some native foliage in between the rocks to make the look complete. 

5. Group plants together based on watering needs

Some of your plants will still require water and it’s important that you give those flowers what they need to survive. To prevent watering plants unnecessarily, you can reduce waste by grouping plants together based on how much water they need. 

There are many ways to design a xeriscape garden. To learn more about this popular landscaping method, stop by Homestead Gardens or visit our website today.