Winter Vacation Fun with Kids


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When kids are home on winter vacation, it’s easy for cabin fever to set in. Even if the weather makes it easy to curl up and enjoy a movie marathon, it’s important to keep your kids active during the break. Make the most of your kid’s winter vacation with a few of these activities. They’re great ways to bond as a family, exercise, and learn. 

Make a Terrarium

terrarium winter vacationCreating a terrarium is fun, no matter how old you are! Stop by Homestead for containers, miniature plants, and accessories. You can work with your children to create closed terrariums for moisture-loving plants like ferns and moss, open terrariums for succulents and cacti, or even fairy gardens. Check out our terrarium how-to sheet to get started.


Go for a Winter Hike and Play “I Spy”

Finding ways to enjoy the outdoors can be tough this time of year, but is no less important than it is in warmer weather. Playing outside allows children to exercise and develop an appreciation for nature. Being outside also reduces stress and anxiety. Hiking is a great family activity. Play a game of “I spy” to keep young children engaged and interested.


Visit Homestead and Pick Out Houseplants

houseplant winter vacationGetting your children a few houseplants is a great way to help them become enthusiastic about science and nature. At this time of year, houseplants are also a wonderful way to bring a bit of color and life to your home. Pick out a couple of plants with your child and teach them to care for them. Wondering which houseplant to pick? Just ask! We’re happy to help you find one that will thrive where you’re planning to enjoy it. We have options that are pet-safe, tolerate low-light conditions, and are easy to care for.


campfire winter vacationHave a Campfire and Make S’mores

Building a campfire and making s’mores is always a good idea. Bundle up the kids, heat some hot cocoa, gather the s’more supplies, and cozy up around the fire. Spend your time relaxing, telling stories, and taking in the stars.


Nighttime Walk with a Star Chart 

Did you know that in the northern hemisphere, stars appear sharper and brighter during the winter months? During winter in the northern hemisphere, we’re facing more stars that are closer to us. It’s the perfect time of year to get outdoors for an astronomy lesson with the kids. Pick up a star chart and take a family walk. Bring glow sticks for a little extra fun and safety.


Build a Snow Fort

Join the kids for a day of fun in the snow! Create a simple fort by mounding snow with a shovel, or use a container to create snow bricks. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild. If you’re feeling brave, give them some food coloring to “paint” their snow houses.

Don’t let your kids spend their winter vacation sitting on the couch. Try some of these activities to help your kids learn and stay active. No cabin fever allowed!