Winter Annuals Violas and Cabbage

Winter Annuals

Ever since I saw violas displayed with cabbage and salad greens in these cool towers, I’ve wanted them in my garden.   Then Homestead’s head grower Oliver Storm told me they last longer than pansies, and actually overwinter very well.  So this year, I’m trying ’em.

Violas and Cabbage


Next up, ornamental cabbage and kale, which Oliver assures me come back after the snow and look good into March or April.   Here are some cool ones I found on Flickr.



Cabbage photo credits, clockwise from upper left.  Hisgett, Marariemarococcia and 2kop.  Viola photo credits, left to right: aogg, texas eagle, and tgerus.  And at the Chicago Botanic Garden, photo by Flatbush Gardener.