Why Perennials? We’ll Tell You!

Annuals are flowers that grow for just one season while perennial flower plants come back year after year – giving you more bang for your gardening buck. Both have a place in our gardens (as well as trees, shrubs, edibles and more).

Today we are going to focus on ‘Why perennials?’ Because they’re worth it. Read on to learn the difference between annuals and perennials and then choose wisely.

Reoccurring blooms.

Unlike annuals, perennials are a one-time purchase that pays you back for years, making them a great economic choice for gardeners on a budget. Many perennials, such as daylilies, even multiply each year. Perennial plants live for multiple years – sometimes even decades.


While all plants need their own levels of TLC, perennials are often more low-maintenance than annuals. Some plants need extra care and division every few years, but this only extends the life of the plants. If you live in a cold climate, you rarely have to worry about perennials coming up too early and getting zapped by a sudden onset of cold temperatures (unlike edibles and warm-season annuals).

Bloom time.

Typically, annual flowers bloom for a longer period of time than perennial flowers, depending on care. But they only bloom for one season. With a little planning, however, you can create a garden that looks good in four seasons with perennials. For example, you might want to focus on soft colors like pink and blue in spring, then transition into yellow and red for summer, and finally orange and purple in autumn.

Good investment.

Because they come back every year – and grow bigger and better as they do so – perennials are a great investment. Pay for them once and get years of beauty. As they grow, perennials can also be divided – meaning you get more plants to use in your garden for free, or to share.

Pollination station.

Perennials that are native to a region attract and support pollinators, making them even more beneficial. Native perennials provide our native pollinators with food, shelter, places to raise their young and more. Native plants also tend to be less work because they are already suited to the climate and soil. A win/win for perennials.

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