What is Kitchen Gardening?

What is a Kitchen Gardener?

First and foremost, kitchen gardeners love food, both product and process. They do not dream of eating a good tomato, but a true tomato, picked warm and juicy from the vine at the peak of its ripeness. Their enjoyment of the fruit is a complete one because it is inextricably entwined with the memory of the plant in its various stages of development. They taste not only the fruit, but the care and honest labor that went into making it.

In Kitchen Gardens Now


As we jump into the vibrant colors of fall, there is also the bounty of fall plantings that just might be popping up (or down) right about now. Those sweet potatoes and turnips seem extra rich from all of the spring and summer moisture in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The farmers’ markets are still going strong and autumn brings a new set of treats to the table! Apples, pumpkins, potatoes, leeks, fennel and winter squash are flavor-packed.

White House Kitchen Garden

Well, the broccoli is coming along just fine and Mrs. Obama is charged up to do more than just oversee growing the produce and flowers; she also made a fine speech at the debut of the new FreshFarm Market located mere steps from the Executive Mansion.

What I am Cooking

I’m making use of these gorgeous seasonal veggies for at the moment I’m SMOKIN’ my 100% pastured DSC03341Jamison Farms lamb shanks along w/ a couple of lamb shoulder steaks; next these smokey morsels move to a big ol’ pot of stock with fall veggies added–especially kale. It all becomes Yugoslavian KUPUS!

The one pot meal is a complex play of smoked meat and earthy vegetable flavors for the new cookbook, The Grassfed Gourmet Book of Outdoor Cooking. 

There will be lots more to explore as we work our way through the turning leaves and the Kitchen Gardeners riches. 

by Susan Harris.