We wish for you a Sustainable, Open-minded, Spirited and Delicious 2013!

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook

To get balance for the new year I paid a visit to Dr. Daohe Fang (rhymes with ong), acupuncturist, who was with oncology as a young man in China. In his native land he combined both Eastern and Western medicine. 

 We had a good discussion as Old Ginger (as he calls himself referring to his many years working with acupuncture and Western medicine) got animated when we explored the topic of cancer preventative living. You wouldn’t know it from looking at his sprightly toned physique that he is nearing 60. Old Ginger advises his patients on a toxic-free lifestyle as a way to prevent cancer. This resonated so strongly with me that it must be shared and even shouted from the rooftops.


 One of the best ways to treat yourself to chemical-free food is to grow it yourself and cook it yourself-keeping it simple. Here’s one of the favorite stories from Eatocracy 2012: This is the year you garden

This year, you’ll grow your own food. Not all of it and probably not even most or much of it. But you’ll grow some, and that’s going to change your life. “try starting at least one or two things from seed. This may sound incredibly dorky, but it’s simply thrilling to see something you planted spring to life.”

Healthy Eating Plan 

Eat a predominantly organic plant-based diet, rich in a variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes and beans.


 Maintain body weight. Avoid being overweight or underweight. Stay within 11 pound range of “normal’ weight.

 Limit alcohol consumption. Less than two drinks a day for men, one drink for women. One drink equals about 8 ounces.

 Limit intake of red meat to less than 3 ounces daily and make sure it’s 100% grassfed. Protein increases the risk of developing cancer. Fish and poultry are better.

 Limit fatty animal originated foods and deep-fried foods.

Limit salt consumption to 6 grams per day.


Maintain physical activity for at least 30 minutes daily. Meditation, yoga, Tai-chi are excellent exercises.

 Dietary Supplements

 Daily natural multivitamin (Centrum-of the publicized study is not natural), CoQ10, bee pollen, royal jelly, green tea, wild ginseng