We Live in Hydrangea Heaven

Traditional mophead hydrangeas beautify a tough spot along a driveway.

It’s June and in our region it’s Hydrangea Heaven, with these heavenly shrubs blooming themselves crazy.   And suddenly I’m noticing that the most spectacular gardens all seem to have lots of hydrangeas, more than ever.   And here’s why, in my humble opinion.

  • They’re fast-growing
  • They’re virtually pest-free.
  • They take up lots of space in the garden.
  • Their blooms look great for months, and can be cut for dried-flower arrangements.
  • There’s a wide assortment to choose from.
  • Some, like the oakleaf type, can even take full shade.

And I’m probably missing some.  Above and below are examples of some beauties I’ve admired just in the last week.

This mass of oakleaf hydrangeas has tons of impact.

Mophead and lacecap types can be used together.

Closer look at oakleaf hydrangeas, paired with contrasting hostas.

Hostas go well with mopheads, too. With any hydrangeas, actually.

Annabelle hydrangeas have humongous blooms.

Lacecaps blooming with astilbes.

Variegated hydrangeas add color all season, with or without blooms.

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