Use these tricks to keep those pesky mosquitoes away

Anyone who lives in a mosquito-infested area knows that all it takes to end an outdoor party or a lovely evening out on the patio is a swarm of bugs. Not only do mosquito bites hurt, but no one wants to spend time trying to swat these pesky insects away. The good news is that you don’t have to. These tricks will keep mosquitoes at bay so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather this fall. 

Control the population to prevent future attacks

Products like Summit Mosquito Bits are designed to kill mosquito eggs and larvae in order to control the population. Use the Bits now and enjoy having fewer mosquitoes in your area later. 

Keep mosquitoes away with a repellent

Homestead Gardens carries Mosquito Beater, which is a granular repellent perfect for parties. You can also find various types of personal repellent, such as all-natural body sprays. If you go the all-natural route, you should know that lavender makes for a great mosquito repellent. Consider lighting a lavender candle or rubbing the oil on your skin. 

Repel mosquitoes in style with tiki torches

If you’re hosting an outdoor party, tiki torches can be a great way to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your event. They also add ambience to your patio, which is great for special occasions. 

Don’t let a few pesky mosquitoes ruin all the fun. Keep the party going by using one or more of these ideas at home. Visit Homestead Gardens today to learn more about your options.