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Herb & Veggie Weekend 2024

Apr 19th - Apr 21st

Make this the year you cultivate an edible landscape.

Herb & Veggie Weekend
All Homestead Gardens Retail Locations
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

April 19-21, 2024

Your spark to “do good” aligns with our mission to connect our community to plants. Stop into Homestead Gardens during the annual Herb & Veggie weekend to take advantage of store-wide savings, educational workshops, and access to our knowledgeable staff eager to aid in your success.


In-Store Savings – 25% Off the Following Products

  • Veggies and Herbs 
  • Potted Edible Houseplants (Citrus, Avocado, Olive)
  • Bulbs – Roots & Veggies
  • Outdoor Ceramic Pottery
  • Terracotta Pottery
  • Fruit Trees and Small Fruit Shrubs
  • Biotone Starter Plus 4lb
  • Espoma Raised Bed Mix 1.5 cu Ft

Valid Only for Herb and Veggie Weekend – 4/19-4/21


In-Store Events at All Locations

Friday, April 19th

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM | The Secret to Gorgeous Tomatoes & Peppers lecture. This expert-led discourse reveals the horticultural strategies that lead to plump, juicy tomatoes and vibrant, flavorful peppers. (Click Here to Learn More)

Saturday, April 20th

11 AM – 12 PM | Culinary Herb Planter Make & Take Workshop Perfect for foodies and green thumbs alike, this engaging session guides you through creating your very own herb garden that’s as practical as it is decorative. (Click Here to Learn More)

Sunday, April 21st

 11 AM – 12 PM | Healing Herb Planter Make & Take Workshop Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll learn about the various therapeutic properties and uses of each herb as you pot, plant, and personalize your portable oasis. (Click Here to Learn More)

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Not sure if an herb & veggie garden is right for you? Read on for benefits.

Cost Efficient.
A packet of vegetable seeds costs a dollar or two, and a 4″ pot is less than $10. You can yield hundreds of plants from each. Compare that expense vs what you would pay at a local market. Plus, think of the additional time + money you save on gas and travel.

The input of energy + the size of your carbon footprint significantly reduces when your produce is “yard to table.” Hyperlocal is an incredible eco-conscious practice for greener living.

Do it for the kids.
Growing your own food teaches kids where food comes from and how it’s grown. Research shows that kids are more likely to eat veggies when they are part of the growing process.

Do it for the chef.
Whether it’s you or someone else in your household that does the cooking, they will enjoy preparing meals that include fresh produce you’ve grown yourself.

Do it for you.
Fresh air is good for the soul. And since you’ll be planting, weeding, watering and harvesting on a regular basis, you are sure to get some exercise along the way.

Share your gifts with others.
Garden gifts are special because you are sharing the nurture + care that went into cultivating something. Friends, neighbors, family and coworkers may even feel inspired to connect with plants thanks to you!