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Golden Spades February Meeting – Severna Park

Feb 2nd, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

I hope this year, many of you are thinking of growing an edible plant that you raised from seed. It is not difficult to do and it is more than just a novelty. It is something we we all need to add to our gardening skill sets. We are all farmers at heart in that we gardeners also promote propagation of plants to benefit ourselves and others. We feed the body and the soul with what we do.

Please come to one of our meetings. Preparing the garden now, as it is every year, begins now…

Starting Your Flower and Vegetable Garden from Seeds

Fresh seeds for spring planting have arrived in garden centers everywhere.  Whether planting flowers or vegetables, or both, the time to start many seeds indoors has begun.  Planting new seedlings outdoors in the spring starts in mid-winter for many plants that need the time to germinate (sprout from seed) and mature to seedlings.  You must plan the timing of planting now indoors so the seeds can start in a warm, protected environment to develop until they reach the stage that they can survive outdoors.

Our February meeting will explain how this process works; the planning steps, the equipment & supplies needed, and the know-how to get the seedlings ready for spring planting. The payoff comes with harvest of delicious vegetables in late-spring though late summer, and from seeing the beautiful annual flowers in constant bloom, beautifying your landscape from late spring till fall.

The invitation is out to all gardeners, old-hands and newcomers, to explore the wonderful world gardening with plants, and to attend this meeting with us.  You are always welcome to ask questions about any plant or gardening topic and we will do our best to give you the answers that you need and can use.  Your friends are always welcome to attend our meetings.