Trees & Shrubs

Our nursery covers 4.5 acres, with more than 500 varieties of trees, shrubs, vines and ground covers. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the perfect trees and shrubs to complement your garden setting.

Trees for Fall Color

As the days get shorter, we look forward to the explosion of fall leaf color. Luckily, you don’t
have to travel out of state or even to a park to witness the spectacle. Consider planting a tree
that will put on a show in your own yard.

The following are some trees that are available at Homestead Gardens that will make a
statement in your landscape.

Acer rubrum (Red Maple): The red maple is a native tree and two spectacular varieties are

October Glory and Red Sunset. They reach 60’ to 90’ in height. Leaves turn brilliant reds,
oranges, and yellows in the fall. The red maple is a fast growing tree that will tolerate a wide
range of conditions, including wet soils.

Prunus serrulata (Japanese Flowering Cherry): The variety ‘Kwanzan’ is one of the most
popular flowering trees and is usually selected for its attractive double pink spring blooms. Often
overlooked for fall color, it can boast golden yellow fall foliage. The flowering cherry is a small
tree growing to 25’.

Amelanchier (Serviceberry): ‘Autumn Brilliance’ Serviceberry, as its name implies, will give you
a show of tones of orange, red, and purplish-scarlet hues during the fall season. It is a small
flowering native tree that also sports lovely white flowers in the spring and attracts birds in the
fall with its red berries.

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood): Another native, numerous varieties of Flowering Dogwood
will give you colorful fall additions to your landscape. Vibrant shades of oranges, reds, and
purples emerge as the cool weather begins. Flowering Dogwoods mature to about 20-25’ and
also offer fruit over the winter for our wildlife friends.

Plant and Be Counted

Plant Trees

Plant and Be Counted

Forests are our most strategically important natural resource. Trees protect water quality, clean our air and provide wildlife habitat. One large tree can eliminate 5,000 gallons of storm water runoff each year, and well placed trees can help reduce energy costs by 15 to 35 percent.

Trees also enhance our quality of life, beautifying neighborhoods and highways, providing sound barriers and shade, and helping increase property values.

The State of Maryland is partnering with businesses, communities and citizens like you to help fund and plant new tree cover. Our State agencies are encouraging Marylanders to plant and register 100,000 new trees each year.

Explore the Marylanders Plant Trees website for advice on where, how and what type of trees to plant, and discount coupons – made possible through environmental mitigation fines and participating vendors – for your tree purchases.

Learn more about what our State government is doing to create a more sustainable future and how your participation can make a difference at

Working together as One Maryland, we can not only preserve our remaining tree cover but grow new trees to create a smarter, greener State for our planet and for future generations.