The Trend Toward Sustainable Agriculture

Luckily I’ve had the chance to witness the movement towards Sustainable Agriculture as a career when visiting and working with Generation X and Yers on farms nationwide. It’s an amazing experience and I get to learn all kinds of priceless lessons on growing food and herbs firsthand. These folks gear their lives with a sense of purpose towards the land as it was meant to be within the small farm.

Sustainable Agriculture

Still many other young people seem to want beautiful landscapes can grow it yourselfsurrounding them but don’t want to plant it or maintain a verdant kitchen garden. Fortunately there are many sides to the story and The Washington Post did a compelling article and video, The Call of the Farm,  which gives us the lowdown.  What I got out of the article and video is that we can grow a lot, a little or a supplement to the food we need to purchase. It almost feels like ‘Eat For Free!’

However, what I found most compelling was the story of David Kane, which gives a more unique and truthful slant of life.  Here you see David helping me with our first- ever cooking class at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

For Inspiration

DSCN1290Recently I had the opportunity to do some Halloween(ish) food styling for Boar’s Head Provisions while keeping the ideas coming for fall cooking. I’m passing some tips along to keep the momentum for cooking with the seasonal produce.

  • Don’t forget that pumpkins and rotund squashes make great vessels for a rich pumpkin soup filled with chunky bits of fresh apples or pears!
  • Big beta carotene is just another gift from those bright orange fruits and  vegetables. Eat lots!
  • While some produce may be waning, herbs are still going strong. Add just a  wee bit in any dish to get the just picked taste.