The Perfect Pot for Every Plant

Container gardening has come a long way from the terracotta era. Potscaping – the art of growing plants in containers – is perfect for small-space gardeners. Create a color palette using the plants and pots or add pops of colors, reduce your gardening maintenance, and have healthy, happy plants! The key is to find the perfect pot for every plant.

4 Rules to Choosing the Perfect Pot

  1. The number one dealbreaker when pairing plants with pots is drainage. If you fall in love with a container that does not have a drainage hole in the bottom of it, drill one (or a few for larger pots). Keep the holes about 1 inch from the edge and about 2 inches apart. Lack of water drainage can cause rot, fungus and bacteria growth – a.k.a. an unhappy and unhealthy plant.
  2. The material of a container can make a difference in the growth of your plants, so do some research before buying. Plastic pots are more lightweight, cheaper, and fine for indoor gardening. The classic terracotta option is best for drought-tolerant plants because it is a porous material, which means it will absorb water from the soil, then dry out. Glazed ceramic pots are very sturdy (and heavy) but will work well for almost any plant, making them a great all-around option.
  3. Plants are meant to thrive and grow, so you need to give them the space to do so. If you stick a plant in a small pot, it will not have room to expand and grow. When choosing a pot, opt for one that is 2 to 3 inches larger than the current size of the plant. So as your plant grows, it needs to be repotted and moved to a larger container.
  4. Does your garden or gardening space have a certain look and feel that you are going for? Find a planter that makes sense for your space. This is your chance to add pops of color and texture, or keep it minimalistic. A happy gardener makes for happier plants.

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