The Gold Mine in Our Back Yard

Be Inspired Seasonally with Rita Calvert

 Three years ago, I first visited Sally Fallon’s farm, PA Bowen Farmstead in southern Prince George’s County and took the tour led by Sally herself. Now years later, I got to meet the new skilled and exuberant mangers, Amy McCurdy and Brian Wort. Actually I did have the chance to meet Brian at the new Riva Farmers Market the opening Sunday on January 18, 2015. He will be there again this Sunday along with other farmers giving us items we are blessed to have available in the winter!



Amy is sporting one of the fine alpaca wool scarves inside the P.A. Bowen Farmstead retail store. Both Amy and Brian are extremely knowledgeable about the farm and biodynamic agriculture in general. Amy leads the farm tours now which take place Saturdays at 11:00am or by appointment. By the Way: Sally told me that their GroupOn coupons have been enthusiastically received from many of the visitors to P.A. Bowen.


Along with their own products, P.A. Bowen carries other locally produced, healthy products. The fermented ketchup and barbecue sauce are leading products in promoting the age-old health benefits of fermented foods.

“We produce cheese from early spring to late December. Then, throughout the winter, everyone gets a rest – cows and people.”

Prince George’s Blue Cheese

Our signature natural-rinded blue cheese celebrates Maryland’s seasons with handcrafted flavor. This blue is equally rich in character but does not bite back; it is calm and creamy and won 3rd place in 2014 American Cheese Society competition.

Our Chesapeake Cheddar  won second prize for artisan cheese at the 2013 American Cheese Society competition.

We also make Dreamy Creamy (DC Cheese) and Aged Jack” 

DSC00132An alpaca farmer just down the road is responsible for these silky-soft bright hued blankets. 


 Local bee hives produce a very popular item in the retail store. For those with allergies, honey from the local region has proven to be helpful.