The Annapolis Blogger Behind Food and Gardening Blog What’s the Muck?


Posted by Susan Harris
Well, if you’re reading this you’ve seen at least ONE garden blog but did you know there are thousands of them?  There are over 1,000 in this one garden blog directory alone – just in the U.S.   Here’s another directory, and another one.   Great browsing for a rainy day, maybe to find garden bloggers covering your favorite topic (there are specialists in house plants, veg gardening, and so on), to find gardeners near you, or – vive la difference! – to see what gardeners in India or someplace equally far away are up to.  I’ve been known to browse garden blogs in the Southern Hemisphere during our winter, just for the drool factor.

And blogs about food and cooking are every bit as popular.   But here at the Homestead Gardens Blog we’re linking to food and gardening blogs in our region – check out the links in our sidebar – and getting to know them up close and personal, one blog at a time.

Tour Time

So first up on our tour of local garden and food blogs is the Annapolis blog that covers both topics –  What’s the Muck?, tagline “Mucking About in the Mid-Atlantic.”  Its author is Carolyn Blakeney, who went back to grad school  to pursue a second career in environmental studies and found that she loved all the writing required by her professors at Johns Hopkins.  So back in 2006 she started her free (at blog, primarily about vegetable gardening and cooking, because it’s an easy way to get her thoughts together, and a great way to show off her photos.  And sure enough, readers found her!  “Anybody can do it now,” she declares with the enthusiasm of a true blogger.


Carolyn Blakeney garden photo


In her day job in that new career she slogged through grad school for, Carolyn actually gets to do cool things.   Cool and important.   She landed a job with the Maryland Department of Environmental Services working on water quality, wetlands, and restoring habitat where dredged materials have been dumped – like Poplar Island.   Quite a change from her first career in retail.

What’s on the Blog?

Photography that’s far better than normal for blogs, if you ask me.   And a cool banner photo that’s really, really local and isn’t one of those blog-service templates you see everywhere.  Oh, and excellent writing.   And in a quick telephone interview Carolyn told me the blog will cover gardening much more in the coming year.