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Berries for Birds

Join Naturalist Lisa Bierer-Garrett as she discusses what to plant for year round food sources for your songbirds. Also learn safe ways to keep the birds away from berry bushes for your own consumption!

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Tips for Feeding Winter Birds

Join Naturalist Lisa Bierer-Garrett as she identifies the hardy bird species that stay here in Maryland, despite the cold and snow. Also, what feeders, seeds and suets are best? Come out and hear about cardinals, …

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When Do All the Birds Return?

The warm weather not only melts all the snow and encourages new growth to pop out of the ground, but it also brings a flurry of color and vibrant melodies to our backyards. That’s right: …

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Tips for Bird-Lovers in Winter

Here are some winter tips for bird-lovers of the Mid-Atlantic, with thanks to the experts at the University of Maryland and other wildlife experts.
Attracting and Providing For Birds in Winter

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Mike McGrath on Gardening for Wildlife

by Susan Harris
The famous gardening guru Mike McGrath came to  Homestead recently to talk about gardening with wildlife, and here’s my report.  It’s been okayed by Mike himself.  

Ladybugs and …

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Send us your Photos of Birds

Did you catch the winners of our last Photo Contest – Snowy Day? Cool stuff, and we’re already well into our next contest – this one featuring “Feathered Friends”.   Just upload your best wild …

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I Like Simple Bird Feeders (I Think the Birds Do Too)

by Gene Sumi, Homestead Education Coordinator

No one has to tell you how many types, styles and prices you’ll find when you go shopping for bird feeders.  I’m not trendy, but I do …

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