Summer with Pets: Outdoor and Travel safety tips

Fireworks and Thunderstorms

  1. Keep pets in a secure location preferably inside
  2. Occupy the space with fresh water, toys, and leave a TV or Radio on for noise distractions.
  3. Make sure your pet is Microchipped

Sun & heat

  1. Stay off pavement/concrete and sand – paws are very sensitive and can burn or blister.  
    1. Test with your bare foot for 7 seconds on the surface the dog will be walking on. If it is too hot for you, it will be too hot for them.
    2. Consider buying booties for your dog if you will be taking them out on hot surfaces.
  2. Hydration – plenty of water needs to be available
    1. Know the signs of dehydration and overheating
      1. Excessive panting, dark red gums, increased heart rate, weakness
  3. Sunscreen – dogs that are white, hairless or lightly colored can burn.
  4. Morning (before sunrise) or Evening (after sunset) walks are best to minimize heat related stress
    1. Play in sprinklers or kiddie pools
    2. Limit excessive play or outdoor activities
  5. Prevent overheating by taking breaks in the shade every 30mintues
  6. Keep your pet inside when temperatures rise

Toxic chemicals

  1. Watch for Poisonous plants
  2. Insecticides, insect repellants, sunscreen, citronella products, and glow sticks are toxic to pets. It’s best to keep them out of reach or away from your pets.

Parties & Barbeques

  1. Keep alcohol and food out of pets reach
    1. Some foods are hazardous to your pets health
    2. Onions, grapes, avocados, chocolate, cooked bones, etc.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of shade available for the pets attending
  3. Water activities
    1. Make sure there is easy access to get in and out
    2. Never leave pool chemicals on your pets coat – rinse after
    3. Allow time to rest, swimming can be strenuous
    4. Try to minimize how much ocean, pool, lake, etc. water dogs are intaking – it can dehydrate them faster.

Hot Cars

  1. Even with the windows cracked, the inside temperature of a car can reach 100 degrees in 10 minutes when it is 85 degrees outside!


  1. Flea, tick and mosquito prevention is key during the summer months
  2. Pets can contract serious health issues from these pests.

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