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Festive Shooting Star Hydrangea

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook 
A stroll through the Davidsonville destination, Homestead Gardens, always puts one in the festive spirit.
Perusing the flowers, table settings, food, decorations and the famous trains fills a full day.  Best of all, I just adore sitting and watching the families and kids interact at the train village. Have you sent in your photos or videos yet?

Chesapeake Coastal Christmas-complete with sailboats!

Here are a slew of spreads (or the dips we so love) by the Robert Rothchild Farm line of products-always packaged in an elegant jar, based on the premise of, “Open and Serve

So many delectable spreads to make an event extra special

Hurricane spread, dip or that famous New Orleans drink base

Everybody's favorite-creamy peppermint!

More, more, more food products-combine your own gift set or  use for an extra special feast.

Potato chip coated peanuts is a huge seller every year!

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