You’ve hung the stockings, decorated the tree and strung the twinkle lights. Only one thing left to do!

Add holiday houseplants to complement your decor. They instantly liven up a space and spread joy.

They’re the finishing touch!

red poinsettia

Plus, their lively blooms, colors and smells are the definition of holiday cheer! Stock up on indoor plants that are perfect for sharing with hostesses and friends now.

Learn about the four most popular picks for holiday houseplants and how to care for them below.

Five Holiday Houseplants to Give and to Get

Start with the perfect holiday houseplant! The rest is easy.

  1. Classic Poinsettia. No other plant quite marks the season like the poinsettia does. With more than 100 varieties available today in colors of red, white, pink and more, this plant can be found just about everywhere.
  2. Colorful Christmas Cactus. Red and green all over, this flowering houseplant is easy to care for and bursts with sweet, red blooms all season.  Enjoy your Christmas cactus year after year as this is an annual bloomer!  It also has been known to bloom more than once a year!norfolk island pine
  3. Amazing Amaryllis. The ultimate statement piece! Bold, stunning and elegant, amaryllis delight with vibrant red and snowy white blooms.
  4. Stunning Norfolk Island Pine. A mini Christmas tree, this festive plant looks festive when adorned with mini lights and homemade ornaments or just plain on its own. Plus, they can grow up to 12’ tall if properly cared for!
  5. Delightful Cyclamen. Cyclamen’s densely heart-shaped foliage hugs and surrounds whimsical and amazing flowers with love. With bright flowers in shades of pink, white or red, they’re great for adding a pop of color where you need it. Under the right conditions, they can bloom for more than eight weeks or more.

Three Tips to Keep Holiday Houseplants Happy

  1. Wrap It Up. Take holiday houseplants out of original packaging and place in a festive container. Get creative — tie a bow around it or paint the pot.
  2. Season’s Soil. Feed with a liquid fertilizer made for houseplants, such as Espoma’s Indoor! houseplant food, then fill the pot with organic potting soil.
  3. Let It Shine. Read the plant tag to see how much sunlight and water your holiday houseplant needs.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by placing a holiday houseplant here and there! Enjoy those blooming beauties all season.

Originally published as an Angie’s List Experts article.