Spicing up the Veg Garden with Annuals

Spice It Up

I’ll confess, I’m a recent convert to growing herbs and vegetables, having climbed on the bandwagon just two seasons ago.  And I’m still pretty half-hearted about it, converting exactly none of my garden ornamental garden space to the growing of edibles.  But I have a deck with enough room and enough sun for a whole slew of containers, and that’s where I’ve been growing a few of my favorite vegetables each year, for the fun of it more than any other reason. These pots don’t produce enough to make a big dent in my grocery bill, that’s for sure.  I’m just dipping my toes into food-growing but if I really love it, there’s always the option of renting space in a nearby community garden and getting serious.

Or Not

Or not.  Either way, I’m finding vegetables super-fun to grow because everything happens so quickly, and because they’re much prettier than I’d ever imagined.  And this year I’ve discovered how to make them even prettier with the simple addition of some blooming-like-crazy petunias and a couple of trailing sweet potato vines.  Like my tomatoes, squash and eggplant, the annual flowers need frequent watering and regular fertilizing, so they’re perfect companions.

Here’s close-ups of basil (left) and spearmint (right) with more petunias.  Two great colors!