A Spectacular Chesapeake Nautical Holiday


IMG_7311 Homestead Gardens Inspired Holidays by Rita Calvert

A Spectacular Chesapeake Nautical Holiday is always a cherished event in this region. We have our beloved waterside icons: crabs, oysters, Old Bay Seasoning, sailboats, docks, osprey and lighthouses. All of these treasures beautifully adorn trees at Homestead Gardens.

IMG_7319 A charming Santa comes ashore with his crabnet and sailboat.


IMG_7317 Another fanciful Santa amid the coral and illuminated mermaid.


Cat Studios has won our hearts with cheery pillows, teatowels, drinking glasses all of our region and others. 


 Our Nordic Santa switches to Chesapeake gear complete with a beautiful beaded crab.


Decorate your dock with needlepoint sailboat pillow, natural pinecone trees and nutcrackers, of course! 

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