Pumpkin Varieties

Homestead Gardens Available Pumpkin Varieties

Face Pumpkin

Great Pumpkin for Carving

SKU 155557


Spookie Pumpkin

Smaller pumpkin for pie baking or paintng

SKU 155086


Cheese Pumpkin

Medium sized, light-colored pumpkin with deep orange flesh

SKU 155522


Cinderella Pumpkin

Mild, sweet flavor that is great for soups and purees

SKU 155485



 Mini pumpkin features orange and green stripes on a white background

SKU 155429


Face XL Pumpkin

Great for Carving

SKU 155866


Jack B Little White

Perfect accent for decorating around the house

SKU 155488


Jack B Little Orange

Perfect accent for decorating around the house

SKU 155085


Prize XL Pumpkin

The biggest we have to offer

SKU 155160


Blue Doll Pumpkin

Exotic blue color to its blocky, deeply ribbed fruit

SKU 508337


Hot Chocolate Pumpkin

Samller sized with unique caramel-chocolate color

SKU 508633


Green & Silver Pumpkin

Green and silver stripes make a great addition to fall displays

SKU 506935


Black Futsu Pumpkin

An ornamental treasure in fall, spooky and gorgeous at the same time

SKU 507740


Fairy Tale Pumpkin

Flat pumpkin with an unusual buckskin color

SKU 155626


Porcelain Pumpkin

An eye-catching fall ornamental with its striking pink color

SKU 506934


American Tonda Pumpkin

Deep orange skin with mottled green stripes

SKU 507491


White Casperita Pumpkin

White classic pumpkin shape with deep ribs and a strong, green handle

SKU 489161


Baby Boo Pumpkin

Bone white mini pumpkins that are as enjoyable to look at as they are to eat

SKU 155456


Blaze Pumpkin

Flat-round, bright-yellow pumpkin features shallow deep-orange stripe ribbing

SKU 155575


Ghost Pumpkin

Perfect pumpkin for Halloween, resembling a full moon with its white skin

SKU 155823


Flat White Pumpkin

White pumpkins flat in shape and scalloped

SKU 489162


Turks Turban Pumpkin

Brilliant orange-red with prominent "turbans" that display stripes and spots of color

SKU 155294


Orange & White Pumpkin

Speckled skin with both orange and white colors

SKU 155507


White Pumpkin

White skin excellent for painting with contrasting orange flesh when carved

SKU 155576


Painted Face Pumpkin

A cute, festive face to add to your fall decor

SKU 507820


Goose Gourd

Curved neck with bulbous body and a stem end resembling the head of a goose

SKU 155767


Acorn Squash

A squash with mild, buttery flavor, both savory and sweet

SKU 546026


Polar Bear Pumpkin

Extra large pumpkin

SKU 1559999


Mini Gourds

Smaller assorted varities

SKU 155088