Proven Winners Supertunias!


From containers and hanging baskets to en-masse plantings in the landscape, Proven Winners award-winning Supertunia petunias unique versatility is unmatched. Learn more about the different types of Supertunias, and how they can prove beautiful and valuable on your porch, patio, balcony and landscape.



You’ll find the greatest range of colors and patterns in Proven Winners’ standard Supertunia line. They are incredibly versatile, mixing easily with their companions in all sorts of container recipes and growing well in mixed borders. Though the plants are similar in size to Supertunia® Mini Vista™, their flowers are larger.


To fill large expanses in the landscape quickly, you can’t beat Supertunia Vista petunias. A single plant will easily fill three square feet, making them an affordable choice as a flowering ground cover. If you plant them in a container, make sure to use an extra-large one.



For the edge of the border or as an accent plant in smaller spaces, choose Supertunia Mini Vista. Though their strong vigor is similar to Supertunia Vista petunias, their mature size is significantly smaller. With their dense growth habit, they are magnificent planted on their own in containers.



You can’t beat Supertunia Trailing as an all-season flowering spiller for hanging baskets and tall, upright containers. Their natural tendency is to grow straight down, cascading at least three feet long by summer. If your goal is to have the longest trailing flowers possible in your window boxes, choose Supertunia Trailing petunias.

Have a question about Proven Winners Supertunias? Homestead Gardens associates are certified Proven Winners experts and can help you choose the perfect plant, learn how to care for it, and get as excited as you when it blooms and grows. Come visit any of our stores!