June is Pollinator Month at Homestead Gardens

They need us. We need them.

Researchers estimate that 1/3 of all food crops rely on pollinators for production. More than the role they play for humans, pollinators are often keystone species that play an important function in numerous ecosystems in which they are relied on.

As much as we need them, pollinators need our help in providing food, water and shelter to greatly improve their productivity and to aid in their proliferation. Most of this can be done at home in our own landscapes by incorporating native and non-invasive, nectar and pollen-producing plants.

Our mission is simple: to connect people to these plants. As part of the 50th Anniversary, Homestead Gardens will remain a strong advocate for conservation gardening throughout our ecoregion + will continue to serve as the area’s leading destination for natives and pollinator plants.

Use this page as an educational resource to learn more about pollinators, conservation gardening, and what you can do in your own backyard to make an impact. Let’s make a better Earth.



Learn about Pollinators + Pollination

It's been a while since middle school environmental science. Click to learn a few pollinator basics from Pollinator Partnership.

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Pollinator Palooza

Join us at each of our stores for a day dedicated to learning about the crucial role of pollinators in our community. Explore the fascinating world of pollination and meet with local vendors showcasing their unique products and services.

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How You Can Help

You can't do it all at once. Commit to these small changes as laid out by the National Park Service.

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Browse Our Native Habitat Selection

We carry hundreds of plants that are native to our eco-region. Use our shop site to see what we have in store before you arrive.

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Pollinator Month Activities

Lectures + giveaways in celebration of Pollinator Month to take place all month long

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Browse Our Perennial Selection

We carry thousands of perennials that attract beneficial pollinators. Use our shop site to see what we have in store before you arrive.

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Enjoy Savings All Month Long

Perennials are Buy 3 Get 1 Free for the entire month of June. Click to see other deals to help you get growing.

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Partnering with Arundel Rivers Federation

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Planting native pollinator plants can also improve Bay Health. Please consider rounding up at the register (DV only) this month in support of Arundel Rivers Federation conservation gardening projects.

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Why Natives?

Native plants are adapted to local soils and climates + provide added benefits to soil, water, and air quality.

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Add a Water Source

Get the kids involved in pollinator habitat. Add a water source to your pollinator garden using this fun, DIY project from Proven Winners®.

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See our Native Bee Installations

Visit any of our retail locations to see the Native Bee Photo Installation in partnership with the USGS Bee Lab to learn which plants in our nursery can attract native bees into your landscape.

Plants for Pollinators

All landscapes are different; there is no "one size fits all" solution for pollinator gardens. This is a comprehensive list of pollinator plants specific to our eco-region.

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Thank you for choosing Homestead Gardens as your local resource for supporting pollinator habitat.