Pollinator Kit

Overwhelmed with which perennials you should buy to support your pollinator friends? Here are 6 easy to grow, long-blooming perennials that will add color to your garden in a wide array of shades and blooming times. This combination also includes a milkweed plant for the Monarch Butterflies. These containers need minimum of 6-8 hours of afternoon sun and don’t forget to order a bag of Leaf-Gro to amend the soil when planting.



6 Perennials in 1 Gallon Pots:

Yellow Yarrow
Orange Butterfly weed
Red Beebalm
Purple Catmint
White Dwarf Shasta Daisy
Purple Verbena ‘Lollipop’

$69.99 ($77.94 Value)


While supplies last. Substitutions may be made if necessary.