Poinsettias & Other Holiday Plants

Poinsettias arrive in November, so don’t forget to stop by and see our amazing painted poinsettia collection. Each plant is hand-painted and glittered on site–a unique living work of art. Add some fun to your indoor holiday display with our dazzling painted and glittered ornamental cabbage. Herb gardens and topiaries make fragrant and useful gifts.

We carry a full selection of basic culinary herbs year-round, so stop by for those basil and rosemary plants in January—you never know what else you might find!!

Painted Poinsettias

One of the most cherished and enduring elements of Christmas, the Poinsettia has remained essentially unchanged since it was first introduced to the United States in 1825. However, Homestead Gardens has taken one of the newest trends sweeping Europe and has introduced it to the Mid-Atlantic: Painted Poinsettias.

Each poinsettia is hand-painted on site by a Homestead Gardens employee using plant paint and glitter. Since the process is done by hand, no two plants will ever be the same. The effect is striking, not only because of the vibrant colors, but because of the way in which each Poinsettia reflects ambient light from the glitter.

The paint does not affect the health of the Poinsettia; however, the plant should be watered from the bottom to avoid wetting the leaves. Other than that, you treat a painted Poinsettia just as you would a regular Poinsettia. And for those who are traditionalists…don’t worry, we still have a large selection of un-painted Poinsettias from which to choose!

Custom Gift Baskets

  1. Choose your basket
  2. Choose your plants
            • 4 4 inch plants recommended for 8 inch basket
            • 5 4 inch plants recommended for 10 inch basket
            • 7 4 inch plants recommended for 12 inch basket
  3. Choose your accessories (bows, birds, etc.)

We do the rest!

Labor fee ($3 for 8 inch, $4 for 10 inch, $5 for 12 inch)
Spanish Moss included.