Plant fall bulbs now for spring color!

Just a single bloom in a bud vase adds a welcome touch of color to your home after a long, cold winter!  Homestead Gardens carries the largest selection of spring-blooming bulbs in the area, with over 300 varieties! We even have a selection of deer resistant varieties.

Fall bulbs will be arriving the first week of September

Not all bulbs are available in both stores. Please call store for availability.

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Varieties in bold are NEW for 2017!

Allium Atropurpureum
Allium Caeruleum
Allium Christophii
Allium Giganteum
Allium Gladiator
Allium Gladiator
Allium Globe Master
Allium Graceful
Allium Magic
Allium Mount Everest
Allium Nect. Siculum
Allium Pinball Wizard
Allium Purple Suze
Allium Red Mohican
Allium Rosenbachianum
Allium Schubertii
Allium Sphaerocephalon
Allium Summer Drummer
Allium Violet Beauty
Amaryllis Double Dream
Amaryllis Papilio
Amaryllis Rilona
Anemones Bi-Color
Anemones Blanda Mix
Anemones De Caen Mix
Anemones St Brigid Mix
Blends Of Beauty Blue
Blends Of Beauty Daffodil
Blends Of Beauty Landscape
Blends Of Beauty Pink Blend
Blends Of Beauty Purple Blend
Blends Of Beauty Red
Camassia Caerulea
Camassia Quamash
Chionodoxa Blue Giant
Chionodoxa Pink Giant
Crocus Blue Moon Mix
Crocus Cream Beauty
Crocus Joan Of Arc
Crocus Lady Killer
Crocus Large Crocus Mix
Crocus Large Mix
Crocus Minimus
Crocus Orange Monarcissush
Crocus Pickwick
Crocus Remembrance
Crocus Ruby Giant
Crocus Specie Mix
Crocus Spring Beauty
Crocus Tri-Color
Crocus Yellow Mammouth
Cyclamen Coum
Dutch Iris Mix
Eranthis Cilicica Fritillaria Lutea
Fritillaria Early Fantasy
Fritillaria Meleagris
Fritillaria Persica
Fritillaria Rubra
Fritillaria Uva Vulpis
Galanthus Flore Pleno
Galanthus Woronowii
Hosta Elegans
Hyacinthinth Blue Jacket
Hyacinthinth Carnegie
Hyacinthinth Delft Blue
Hyacinthinth Delft Blue Mix
Hyacinthinth Easter Joy Mix
Hyacinthinth Fat Tuesday Mix
Hyacinthinth Gipsy Princess
Hyacinthinth Gipsy Queen
Hyacinthinth Jan Bos
Hyacinthinth Miss Saigon
Hyacinthinth Mix
Hyacinthinth Pink Pearl
Hyacinth Pink Surprise
Hyacinth Splendid Cornelia
Hyacinth Teqla Sunrise Mix
Hyacinth Valentine Mix
Hyacinth Woodstock
Hyacinthoides Blue
Hyacinthoides Mix
Hyacinthoides Pink
Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta
Iris Apollo
Iris Carmen
Iris Dark Blue
Iris Dutch Tiger Mix
Iris Eye of the Tiger
Iris G Autumn Circus
Iris G Immortality
Iris G Sugar Blues
Iris Katharine Hodgekin
Iris Lion King
Iris Oriental Beauty
Iris Sapphire Beauty
Iris Specie Iris Mix
Iris Tennison Ridge
Iris Yellow
Iris Yellow Queen
Ixia Hybrid Mixture
Ixia Red
Leucojum Aestivum
Lilium Manitoba Morning
Lilium Or Casa Blanca
Lilium Or Stargazer
Lilium Orl Mona Lisa
Lilium Sunny Morning
Lycoris Aurea
Lycoris Radiata
Lycoris Surprise Lily Pink
Mertensia Virginica
Muscari Album
Muscari Armeniacum
Muscari Armeniacum
Muscari Bell Pycnantha
Muscari Comosum Plumosum
Muscari Dark Eyes
Muscari Delft Blue Mix
Muscari Latifolium
Muscari Peppermint
Muscari Valerie Finnis
Narcissus Akita
Narcissus All In One Mix
Narcissus Asst Bulbs/Bag
Narcissus Avalon
Narcissus Barrett Browning
Narcissus Bravoure
Narcissus Butterfly Mix
Narcissus Cheerfulness
Narcissus Cool Flame
Narcissus Dbl Mix
Narcissus Dble Poets
Narcissus Double Fashion
Narcissus Dutch Master
Narcissus Dutch Master
Narcissus Dutch Master
Narcissus Eaton Song
Narcissus Exception
Narcissus February Gold
Narcissus Fortissimo
Narcissus Fortune
Narcissus Gazelle
Narcissus Geranium
Narcissus Gld&Slv Medalist
Narcissus Holland Sensation
Narcissus Ice Follies
Narcissus Intrigue
Narcissus Jack Snipe
Narcissus Jetfire
Narcissus Large Cupped Mix
Narcissus Minnow
Narcissus Misty Glen

Narcissus Mount Hood
Narcissus New Baby
Narcissus Obdam
Narcissus Orangery
Narcissus Pappy George
Narcissus Peach Cobbler
Narcissus Pink Charm
Narcissus Pink Mix
Narcissus Pink Paradise
Narcissus Pink Parasol
Narcissus Pink Ribbon
Narcissus Pipit
Narcissus Poets Daffodil
Narcissus Popeye
Narcissus Precocious
Narcissus Red Devon
Narcissus Red Devon
Narcissus Red Ranger
Narcissus Rock Garden Mix
Narcissus Rosy Cloud
Narcissus Sempre Avanti
Narcissus Snowboard
Narcissus Snowtip
Narcissus Sunny Side Up
Narcissus St. Patricks Day
Narcissus Sweet Love
Narcissus Tahiti
Narcissus Tete Boucle
Narcissus Tete A Tete
Narcissus Thalia
Narcissus Trepolo
Narcissus Trumpet Mix
Narcissus White Lion
Narcissus White Mix
Narcissus Ylw Cheerfulness
Oxalis Adenophylla
Paeonia Karl Rosenfield
Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt
Paeonia Shirley Temple
Puschkinia Libanotica
Ranunculus Mix
Scilla Siberica
Scilla Siberica
Trillium Grandiflorum
Trillium Luteum
Tulip Parrot Spectrum
Tulip Abba
Tulip Affaire
Tulip Akebono
Tulip Angelique
Tulip Apeldoorns Elite
Tulip Apricot Beauty
Tulip Banja Luka
Tulip Beauty Of Spring
Tulip Black Parrot
Tulip Blushing Girl
Tulip Bourbon Street
Tulip Bronze Charm
Tulip Brown Sugar
Tulip Brownie
Tulip Budlight
Tulip Burgundy
Tulip Burning Heart
Tulip Candy Cane Mix
Tulip Candy Cane Mix
Tulip Cape Holland
Tulip Caroussel
Tulip Casa Grande
Tulip Catharina
Tulip Christmas Dream
Tulip Daydream
Tulip Del Pierro
Tulip Design Impressn
Tulip Dordogne
Tulip Double Late Mix
Tulip Easter Joy Mix
Tulip Elegant Lady
Tulip Endless Spr Brg Blnd
Tulip Endless Spr Org Blnd
Tulip Endless Spr Pur Blnd
Tulip Endless Spr Red Blnd
Tulip Estella Rijnveld
Tulip Eternal Flame
Tulip Flaming Parrot
Tulip Foxy Foxtrot
Tulip Fringed Elegance
Tulip Fringed Mix
Tulip Golden Parade
Tulip Hakuun
Tulip Hearts Delight
Tulip Holland Emotions
Tulip Hollandia
Tulip Ivory Floradale
Tulip Jimmy
Tulip Lilac Wonder
Tulip Little Beauty
Tulip Magic Lavender
Tulip Menton
Tulip Monte Carlo
Tulip Mount Tacoma
Tulip New Santa
Tulip Nightrider
Tulip Orange Balloon
Tulip Orange Emperor
Tulip Oxford
Tulip Parade
Tulip Parrot Mix
Tulip Passionale
Tulip Peppermint Stick
Tulip Persian Pearl
Tulip Pink Impression
Tulip Pink Impression
Tulip Pink Star
Tulip Princess Irene
Tulip Purple Peony
Tulip Purple Prince
Tulip Purple Prince
Tulip Purple Rain Mix
Tulip Purple Crystal
Tulip Quebec
Tulip Queen Of Night
Tulip Rainbow Mix
Tulip Rainbow Mix
Tulip Red & Yellow Mix
Tulip Red Emperor
Tulip Red Gem
Tulip Red Impression
Tulip Red Madonna
Tulip Red Riding Hood
Tulip Retro Mix
Tulip Rosy Delight
Tulip Sancerre
Tulip Silver Dollar
Tulip Silver Parrot Design
Tulip Sky High Scarlet
Tulip Sprg Esential Mx
Tulip Spring Green
Tulip Stresa
Tulip Sugar Plum Mix
Tulip Sunlover
Tulip Tarda
Tulip Teq Sunrise Mix
Tulip Teq Sunrise Mix
Tulip The Cure
Tulip Tubergens Gem
Tulip Victoria’s Secret
Tulip Wedding Gift
Tulip White Emperor
Tulip Wildflower Mix
Tulip Wildflower Mix
Tulip World Expression
Tulip Ylw Spring Green

2017 Fall Blends of Beauty Bulb Collections

Decision making made easy!

  • Daffodil Blends (White, Yellow & Pink)
  • Landscape Blends (Tulip Royal Prince, Tulip Breeders & Tulip Delight)
  • Red Blends (Tulip Plant to Impress, Tulip Candy Cane & Tulip Red Hot)
  • Purple Blends (Tulip, Allium & Tulip & Muscari Blend)
  • Pink Blends (Tulip, Double Tulip & Narcissus)

Simple Tips for Designing and Planting Fall Flower Bulbs

Bulbs are the gateway to the garden. Plant them now and forget about them. By the time spring rolls around, the garden will be full of buds ready to blossom.

And, with cooler temperatures, fall is the best season for planting.

Whether you’re beginning a garden for the first time or tending an old one, planting flower bulbs has never been easier.

Bulbs are a fantastic way to start or maintain a garden because they spring back up each year without any effort. But the key is to plant them correctly now.

Don’t worry! The hardest part is deciding which flowers and a color scheme to use.

Bulbs & Bees

What bulbs best attract bees and pollinators to a garden? The answer is simple once one understands how a bee uses sight. Like humans, bees are trichromatic. Whereas humans base their color combinations on blue, red, and yellow, bees base their colors on ultraviolet light, blue, and green. As a result, bees cannot see the color red as they do not have a photoreceptor for it. Bees can see, however, a reddish wavelength such as yellow and orange, however, red appears as black to the eyes of a bee. Bees also see faster than humans, which in turn allow them to see individual flowers from a distance in large groups. As a result, scientists agree that a bee’s favorite colors are purple, blue and white.   

Most bees, particularly honeybees, hibernate in winter by forming a cluster within their hive to keep the queen warm. They store food reserves for the winter months, and essentially blanket the queen until the temperatures begin to rise. As winter ends and spring slowly begins the need for food causes some to leave the hive and forage. By planting the right bulbs, home gardeners can not only attract pollinators to their gardens in early spring and throughout summer, but they can also provide food to a hive that is dealing with dwindling resources. Bees won’t travel too far in early spring, so home gardeners are best planting large areas of bulbs to create smaller distance for them to travel for pollen. For instance, plant bulbs like crocus in large swaths on the lawn to create a naturalistic setting, and also a bee playground.

Our suggestion for gardeners looking to attract bees would be of course blue and purple flowers. Red flowers can be placed intermittently throughout the landscape, but most bees will ignore them. Yellow and orange flowers are popular with bees, but a garden consisting only of those colors might not be as attractive to the bee eye, as it is to the human eye. Once bees begin to visit, they will return, providing pollination to the garden throughout the summer, and subsequent years.