Fall Perennials

Summer to Fall Color

The end of Summer can’t beat our Perennials Department! Homestead Gardens continues to receive fresh, colorful perennials on a regular basis to satisfy our customers’ summer planting needs. From Maryland native perennials, to ornamental grasses for late summer and fall color, and of course, perennials to attract butterflies, Homestead has the plants that will thrive in your unique garden conditions.

Give yourself the gift of fall planting… As the days get shorter and air conditioners give way to open windows, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the best planting time of the year! In addition to the break from summer heat, there’s more that makes fall such an ideal time to plant.

Perennials planted now will benefit from warmer ground temperatures and continue to grow roots all winter, resulting in bigger, beautiful plants bursting with color come springtime. Even more, these plants will be easier to care for next year as they will have become well established, mature plants by then. To increase root mass and help plants establish even faster, Homestead Gardens recommends Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus.

What’s In Store

Quarts start at $6.99 | Gallons start at $9.99
Quantities vary and availability may be limited. | List updated hourly

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Perennials in Davidsonville

Perennials in Severna Park

As a leader in the local green industry, we must also be a leader in the preservation of our most valuable resources. That is why we have recommitted ourselves to providing a wide selection of Maryland native plants for our customers.

Native Perennials in Davidsonville

Native Perennials in Severna Park

Late Summer Selections

Ornamental Grasses add bright, distinctive touches to any landscape, lawn, or garden. In a variety of heights and colors Ornamental Grasses bring boldness and texture to patio borders, outdoor decks and landscapes.

Late Summer Bloomers bring vitality and freshness to your garden. Orchid-like Toadlily, elegant Japanese Anemone, butterfly attracting Asters, Turtlehead and Hummingbird Mint are just a few selections from over 40 late blooming perennials we have in stock.

Pollinator Faves attract all sorts of fluttering and flitting creatures to your garden. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds add such life, so don’t miss out on adding this important dimension to your garden. Bluebeard, Russian Sage, Ironweed and Wand Flower add fresh colors of blue, purple, deep violet, pinks and white to your landscape. Plant Butterfly weed now to help the Monarchs as they come back through our area this fall.