Let Us do the Planting!

Whether you are a novice gardener and need some help with planting or just too busy to find the time, Homestead Gardens is here to help. All trees and shrubs in 3 gallon containers or larger can be delivered and installed by our expert team! No back breaking work required!

Homestead Gardens sells only the highest quality plant material in the market today – so, why not ensure that your new plant will survive transplanting? Hiring Homestead Gardens’ professional team to install your plants ensures that your new tree or shrub has been planted properly, will thrive and will continue to give you satisfaction well into the future.

In the Homestead Gardens nursery yard, all signs include a regular retail price in addition to an installed price. Please keep in mind that minimums do apply and are dependent on your zip code. See store for details.

Planting Service Includes:

  • Delivery
  • Leaf-Gro Soil Conditioner
  • Bio-tone Starter Fertilizer
  • Shredded Hardwood Mulch
  • Initial Watering
  • Clean-Up
  • 1 Year Warranty*
    *or sign up for Garden Rewards to get a 2 year warranty!

Planting Process:

Upon checking out, you will schedule a delivery and installation date with our Customer Service team.

When you make your purchase, you will receive flags to use as markers. Please insert these into the ground to indicate where the plants are to be placed. If you have purchased multiple plant types, we suggest writing the names of the plants on the flags to ensure our crews properly place the plants should you not be home at the time of planting.

Warranty Information:

Homestead Gardens offers a one year guarantee on all trees and shrubs purchased through or planting service program. This guarantee will increase to two years for members of our Garden Rewards program. We will replace the plants at purchased price and plant the replacements at no charge to you. This is a one time only replacement. No guarantee will be given on trees and shrubs planted in a container or damaged by extreme natural conditions (i.e. floods, ice, drought) or neglect by the customer.

Planting Service Cost:

Cost of installation is determined by pot size. Minimums do apply to our Nursery Planting Services program and are determined by zip code. See store associate for details.