More on no-mow and less-mow gardens and plants

I sure enjoyed the super-engaged audience for my talk and slide show about reducing lawns at our Spring Fling this past weekend.  How engaged?  Some have contacted us with follow-up questions – what were those plant names and websites I mentioned?  So here ya go.  And if this doesn’t answer your questions, leave another one in a comment to this blog story and the answer will come.  It’s exciting to see so many people thinking outside the box!

Carex pensylvanica line the path. Photo by Evelyn J. Hadden

'Ice Dance' Carex (L) and Prairie Dropseed (R)

Creeping phlox, sedum and juniper, with bulbs interspersed. Photo by Evelyn J . Hadden

More info online

Now for the websites I recommended, first try Less Lawn, the home of Evelyn Hadden, author of the new book Beautiful No-Mow Yards.

More lawn-reduction ideas are available at the website of the Lawn Reform Coalition.  That’s the national media campaign to help people reduce their lawn, switch to less resource-intensive types of lawn, and practice eco-friendly lawn care for the lawn they have.

Plus, the Coalition has two Flickr groups:

  • This one is for design ideas that use little or no lawn. There are about 350 photos in that group.
  • And this one is for short groundcovers that can be used en masse to cover large areas, instead of turfgrass. It’s new; more photos coming soon!

The authority on organic lawn care is Paul Tukey, whose nonprofit Safe Lawns is a good source, as is his Safe Lawns Blog.

My website is and part of it is a whole section about Lawn Substitutes.

The popular national team blog I contribute to weekly is

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