Maryland DNR Tree Program Means $25 Off Your Purchase



Maryland residents, lucky you!  You’re eligible for a $25 off coupon toward the purchase of any eligible tree priced at $50 or more.  

1. Just click here to download a coupon. This isn’t a mail-in program; you just print that coupon and take it to the store (hopefully Homestead, which is the largest source of trees bought under this program so far.) The coupon is valid only for trees listed on the Marylanders Plant Trees Recommended Tree List, found at They’re all native species, including:

Small Trees

Small trees like dogwood, American holly, Sweetbay magnolia, redbud and serviceberry.

Large Trees

Large trees like Canadian hemlock, sugar maple, river birch, sycamore, American elm, tulip poplar, and several oaks.

2. Then click here to register your tree.  This is optional but again there’s an incentive – it makes you eligible for all sorts of prizes.

Explore the Marylanders Plant Trees website for tons of advice on where, how and what type of trees to plant.

Value of Trees

Trees protect water quality, clean our air and provide wildlife habitat. One large tree can eliminate 5,000 gallons of stormwater runoff each year, and well placed trees can help reduce energy costs by 15 to 35 percent.  Trees also enhance our quality of life, beautifying neighborhoods and highways, providing sound barriers and shade, and helping increase property values.