Margaret Roach at the Horticultural Society of Maryland


You may remember when Maryland’s Horticultural Society brought the beloved TV horticulturist Erica Glasener to Baltimore to speak.  Well, they’ve done it again, this time bringing to town the garden-writing rock star Margaret Roach.  Known online for her wildly popular gardening blog A Way to Garden, Margaret has written for the New York Times and Newsday, and worked for 15 years for Martha Stewart – as her garden editor and later as editorial director of the magazines, books and internet.  Margaret is now happily retired from the corporate world and gardening (and blogging) full-time from her garden in upstate New York.

Here’s Margaret brief overview of her gardening and writing style, from her About page:

  • I speak serious botanical Latin, but long ago lost count of how many genera, species and varieties grow here.
  • I am also an old-fashioned, organic-style gardener and a vegetarian (for 30-plus years), so…
  • I put up a sizeable chunk of the food I eat each year. I would have made a good hippie; maybe that is who I am at heart.
  • Gardening is not my hobby, it is my spiritual practice and life partner. I hope it will become yours.

I’m a loyal reader of A Way to Garden myself and consider it the best individual garden blog of all.   It’s a great source of how-to and “woo-woo” about the garden and beyond.

If you read Margaret’s blog or just want to see and hear about her famous garden and how she makes it beautiful 365 days a year – in upstate New York, remember – then don’t miss her talk Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m.   The Society makes it easy to attend – it’s free to members and only $10 for nonmembers.  The location is Baltimore’s lovely Cylburn Arboretum.   Click here for more information.

Next up on  May 8: “Don’t be a Drip!  Using water wisely in the garden” by Joe Henderson

Using water as a design feature can add immensely to your garden, and managing wisely can be a challenge.  As the Pond and Creek Gardener at Chanticleer, Joe has much experience with both.  Joe will discuss the use of water, from ponds and creeks, to grand fountains and even tiny water features.  He will share ideas from his his own gardening experience, as well as from his travels to gardens around the world.   Besides water as a garden feature, Joe will also address how to handle water when there is a bounty, from rain gardens to thoughtful storm water infiltrations systems.