Living Gifts

Give a Living Gift this Christmas!

Science has proven that people are healthier & happier when surrounded by plants….Beautiful, fresh, alive – and no need to worry about buying the right size. What other gift offers so much?

Homestead Gardens’ greenhouse offers a variety of options for ‘living gifts’. From seasonal plants to year-round favorites, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list!


Orchids provide long lasting and spectacular color throughout the year.  This year, why not give a living gift of beautiful color and unusual blooms to a beginner or hobbyist?  Orchid blooms last weeks, even months depending on the variety – providing enjoyment long after other plants have faded.

For the Beginner:

Phalaenopsis (or “moth” orchids) are available in various sizes and colors.  This variety is perfect for the beginner! 

For an Enthusiast:

Miltonia (“pansy” orchid), cattleya and other unusual species are brought in throughout the year.

To learn more about the wonderful world of orchids, check our workshop/seminar schedule for orchid talks given by one of our experienced staff members.

olive-tree-clay-pot-200x200Olive Trees

Olives have been used by humans for thousands of years, but not typically as a houseplant.  Naturally durable, our miniature olives are perfect for gift giving; instantly providing your home or patio with a Mediterranean feel.  

This European variety is perfectly potted in an unusual and attractive terracotta cachepot and is reminiscent of bonsai.  The variety produces edible fruit – although this may take a few years as the plant needs to mature.  Olives do best if allowed to dry out between waterings.  Place your plant in a brightly lit spot.


Bonsai are potted plants (as a tree) dwarfed (as by pruning) and trained to an artistic shape. Homestead Gardens offers bonsai trained, pruned and potted in imported ceramic pots. Our selection of bonsai are tropical and subtropical varieties ideal for in-house conditions. Learn more about bonsai…

Citrus Trees

Citrus Trees such as the Meyer Lemon Tree make beautiful additions to any space. Enjoy harvesting your own fruit while having the delightful natural smell of citrus in your home.

Also available: Navel Orange & Lime

Air Plants

A unique gift for any occasion! Air plants, also known as tillandsia, are MAGICAL because they do not require soil to grow! They make a great gift for anyone who may not have the ‘green thumb’.

Terrariums & Fairy Gardens

Terrariums and fairy gardens offer an outlet for gardeners through the colder months of the year! They are also a fun way to cultivate a love for growing things in younger children. Homestead Gardens offers a wide selection of mini flowering and foliage plants as well as the containers and accessories to build and maintain a miniature garden in any form! Keep your fairy garden up to date as the seasons change with seasonal accessories.