It’s Turkey-Tasting Time


Michele Sipple and Bonnie Finley offering tastes of turkey and salsa

Posted by Susan Harris.

Honestly, Thanksgiving wasn’t even on my radar til I ran into this turkey-tasting opportunity at Homestead the other day.   Available for tasting were white and dark turkey tidbits grown on Maple Lawn Farm in Columbia, Maryland, and the whole turkeys are available at the Davidsonville store.

About the turkeys, I learned that they’re free-range, and, according to the flyer I picked up, “their nutritional needs are overseen by a Ph.D. nutritionist who regularly monitors the flock’s growth and progress.”  See how educated today’s consumers are?

Also available for sampling were some very locally made salsas, from mild to hot and whatever is in between.

Click here for details about ordering your turkey from Homestead.

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