Is it twinkle time? Try these unusual holiday lighting ideas at home

The soft glow, the magical twinkle, the warm ambiance: String lights and the holiday season go hand in hand. Traditional outdoor displays never go out of style, but this year you can add to your merriment by trying more unique uses for your holiday lights.

Stock up with strings of every color at Homestead Gardens and then get ready to impress guests as you prepare your home for a season full of terrific twinkle:

string lights in mason jarGlowing vases: Make your own centerpiece or eye-catching window display by placing decorative string lights into the glass containers of your liking. Mason jars, vases, fish bowls, glass lanterns and more look incredible when lit.

Lovely nightlights: Forget the nightlight this holiday season and instead let your child enjoy the glow of holiday lights. Simply adhere to the wall in their favorite shape and then light the night.

Under cabinets: Under-cabinet lighting is all the rage, but instead of expensive lighting options use string lights for a warm glow as you whip up all those seasonal comfort foods.

Wall words: If you want to add pizzazz to a big open wall, use string lights to spell out a favorite word. For example, you could say “believe” or “merry” or spell out your family surname.

Shimmering chandeliers: Add extra glow to your chandelier by wrapping it in holiday lights. It adds a dramatic, festive look to dining rooms or entryways.

Card display: It’s a shame to stack all your beautiful holiday greetings in a basket. Instead, string lights back and forth on the wall and then hang cards using clothespins. What a wonderful display of all the well wishes you receive.

string lights around mirrorMirror magic: You probably have mirrors throughout your home, so it’s easy to add string lights around the frame for a touch of festiveness. Every time you pass by you can enjoy the reflective twinkle.

Choosing your Lights: There are many different choices offered as to the types of lights you can use. Whether it’s miniature lights, traditional incandescent, or next-generation LED lights, each type of light fills a specific niche for your holiday needs. Visit our Holiday Lighting department for a wide selection of lights to suit every application. Our experts will be happy to help!