How to Roast That Turkey


How to Roast That Turkey

About the turkeys available here at Homestead?  The folks who raised them – Maple Lawn Farm in Howard County – have some advice.

Suggestions from Maple Lawn Farm on cooking their turkey:

As always with pastured meat and poultry, we advise you not to get it bone-dry.

Do Not Over Cook!

Fresh-killed turkeys are young, tender and juicy and they cook more quickly than a previously frozen one. Moreover, they are high in protein, low in calories and cholesterol.

To cook your Maple Lawn turkey:

Preheat oven to 450 degrees
Add approximately 2 cups of water in bottom of pan, 4 cups for larger birds
Salt and pepper the turkey, add a few pats of butter on skin and sprinkle with a little flour for a tasty skin
Cook at 450 degrees for the 1st hour
Lower temperature to 350 degrees for the remainder of time
Turkeys require approximately 10 minutes per pound
Stuffed turkeys take longer (at least 1/2 hour longer or more)
Use a covered pan or make a tent with tinfoil
Remove lid the last 1/2 hour if not sufficiently browned