How to Keep Up With the White House Kitchen Garden

Obama Foodorama Blog

Just over a year ago now, on election day 2008, food policy writer Eddie Gehman Kohan launched the blog Obama Foodorama – to focus on anything food-related that might happen at the Obama White House.   A year and zillions of news stories about the White House Kitchen Garden later, we all know how lucky that choice was, and it’s no wonder the blog is such a huge success.  It’s blessed with a food-news-rich White House and the blogger’s own good writing and investigative skills (she debunked the rumor that the White House Kitchen Garden is planted in contaminated soil.)

And it was ObFo that told readers who really takes care of the kitchen garden there.  It’s DC-area horticulturist Jim Adams,  admired for his work at the National Arboretum and the British Embassy.

Burpee’s Replica

So we all think the White House Kitchen Garden is the most exciting garden evah but do we get to see it in person?  Nevah.   Sure, a few lucky school children are invited for planting and harvesting, but avid gardeners and even garden writers (!) routinely find their requests to visit denied – tight security and better things to do, I’m sure.

So into the void steps Burpee’s owner George Ball with his exact replica of the White House Kitchen Garden, open for all to see (but no Bo in sight).  It’s at Burpees’s Fordhook Farm, just  2 1/2 hours north of D.C.  

Washington Youth Gardeners
And guess who else blogs?  The young gardeners at National Arboretum’s Youth Garden, that’s who – and these kids actually participated in the White House Harvest Celebration!  Here’s their story.

And One More Blogger
Truth is, I haven’t seen the White House gardens since the Carter Administration, but I’m pestering them for an invitation and promise not to let up.   But hey, I have seen the garden of the Bancroft School kids who planted the garden.  (I know, not even close.)  And there are lots more stories about America’s Top Garden over on the Garden Rant blog.