How to Deck Your Halls

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There’s something wonderful about returning to a beautifully decorated home during the holiday season. Whether you’re planning to host your family for the holidays or just want your home to be cozy and merry, here are some easy DIY projects for you to deck the halls.


Make Your Own Garlands

Making your own garland is a really simple, fun holiday project. You might be able to source some of your garland right from your backyard. Start by creating small bundles of greens. Many evergreens make great garlands. Fir, spruce, boxwood, holly, cedar, and juniper branches are all wonderful choices. Boxwood is another great evergreen that many homeowners in Maryland can easily obtain in abundance. Tie your bundles onto a piece of heavy-duty wire or garden twine. You can keep it simple or add accents like ribbons or ornaments, using florist wire to secure the baubles to the garland.


Customize Pre-Assembled Garlands

If you’re not up for creating your own garland entirely, consider customizing a pre-assembled garland with your own personal touches. Add berries, ribbons, or dried flowers to your garland using florist wire for a one-of-a-kind creation.

You can also wrap your garland with lights. Battery operated fairy lights are a great choice if your garland won’t be near an electrical outlet. Just make sure that the battery operated lights are labeled for outdoor use if that’s where your garland will hang. You can also hang ornaments from your garland with hooks the same way you would on your Christmas tree.


Make Your Own Front Door Swag

Another simple holiday project is creating a front door swag. All you need to do is create a large bundle of greenery using florist’s wire. Gather the greens so that all of the cut ends are facing the same direction. Stagger the lengths, starting with the longest on the bottom of the pile, and the shortest lengths on top. Then wire the stems together near the cut ends and cover the wire with a bow. You can also add branches with berries or pinecones and dress them up with ribbons, ornaments, or bells.


Make Your Own Porch Pots

Porch pots filled with winter greenery are another easy way to make your home feel inviting. All you need is a pot that can withstand winter conditions, potting soil or packing peanuts, greens, and a few accents. Evergreen branches of varying heights and accents can be pushed down into the potting soil or packing peanuts to create a beautiful winter planter. For more information, check out our previous post: Easy Holiday Porch Pots.


Homestead Gardens Wreaths & Porch Pots

We know that the holiday season gets hectic and DIY decorations aren’t right for everyone. If you still want something unique, come check out the fresh wreaths and custom porch pots made right here at Homestead Gardens. We have an entire wall of one-of-a-kind, freshly decorated wreaths for you to choose from. You’ll find something to fit your style from the traditional Boxwood wreath to fragrant Balsam wreaths straight from Maine!

This holiday season, bring life and style to your home with garlands, swags, wreaths, and porch pots. You can create or customize your own for a unique look that is sure to impress your guests. Visit Homestead Gardens for greenery, garland, wreaths, and custom porch pots!