Homestead Gardens: So much more than your grandmother's African violet

Generally seen as an elegant touch to home decor, African violets are a fairly common houseplant. Even so, there are many people who try to stay away from adding these beautiful flowers to their homes because they require more TLC to prosper than other indoor plants. But since African violets adapt to a variety of environments, they make a great addition to your indoor garden. Fortunately, once you get the basics of care down, growing these vivacious houseplants is very rewarding.

Here are some growing tips to keep your African violets healthy and vibrant.

  1. Use the right soil. Special soil mixes can be found for these flowers. Homestead Gardens recommends Espoma African Violet Mix.Espoma African Violet Mix
    • If you want to make your own soil bed for your houseplants, you can use an equal mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite.
  2. Place the pot of flowers in an area with filtered light of medium intensity. The darker the leaves on the plant, the more sun it will need.
  3. African violets are picky drinkers. Lukewarm water is best for hydration, and it’s even better if the water has been allowed to stand for 48 hours before watering the plant.
  4. Water whenever the soil begins to lose its moistness.
  5. A drop of water on the foliage can lead to damage and spots. Therefore, be sure to water African violets at the base of the plant only.
  6. Continually turn the flowerpots so each side gets an adequate amount of sun.
  7. To keep your violet blooming and healthy, feed once a week with an organic plant food such as Espoma Gro-tone.

If you have questions about caring for your African violets, our friendly staff at Homestead Gardens can help. Simply stop in or give us a call. We’re glad to be of service!