Homestead Gardens Blog – the What, Who, and How

What IS this?

It’s a team blog brought to you by an independent garden center in Davidsonville and Severna Park, Maryland.   Blogs are simply websites that scroll new articles (called posts) sequentially on the home page, with the newest on the top, and they can be about anything but the Homestead Gardens Blog is about gardening, plants, food, cooking, events, personalities, videos, contests, and goings-on at the garden center.   The goal of this blog is to entertain, teach, create a community of our readers and customers and, above all, to have FUN.  So what it ISN’T is Homesteadmarketing copy.  We promise.

Contributors include

Susan Harris will be covering gardening, including what I’m doing in my own garden, book reviews, great public gardens in the region and across the U.S., fun videos, and profiles of my favorite plants.  I’ll also be doing some online garden coaching as I write about gardening in my own Maryland garden.  Click on my name for the dirt about me.

Gene Sumi, the customer answer man in the Davidsonville store, is a trusted source of gardening information, not just in the store but as a popular speaker at garden clubs across the region.  Gene will be sharing his wealth of knowledge about everything from pruning to diagnosing problems to choosing the best plants for your site, always in a way that makes sense.

Rita Calvert, a food writer, stylist, photographer and consultant, is active in sustainable growing and cooking and one of the founders of Buy Fresh Buy Local Chesapeake Region.   She’ll be reporting on food news from our region in her feature “Local Food Chitchat”, and wowing us with her recipes and inspiring food photography.

And many others in the coming months.

How to Follow the Homestead Gardens Blog

Take your pick:

  • Come to our home page regularly to see what’s new.  The newest post is always at the top of the page, and you can just scroll to see read the earlier ones you might have missed.  One easy way to find us is by putting a shortcut on your desktop.
  • Subscribe to our feed of new posts by clicking the orange subscribe symbol in the top right of this blog.  Blogging mentor Kathy Purdy has a good tutorial about subscribing to feeds and choosing a feed “reader”, which compiles new articles on all your favorite websites and blogs in one place.  We offer three readers to choose from –  Bloglines, My Yahoo, and my own favorite, Google Reader.
  • Within whichever reader you go with, you can choose between having updates sent to you by email or simply reading them on your own feed page on the web.

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Talk to us.  Talk to each other.   It’ll be fun.

What’s Next on the Homestead Gardens Blog

What what YOU like to see here?  Ideas we’re looking into include a Flickr group, a way for readers to communicate directly with each other, guest bloggers, and – well, you tell us.  Just leave a comment to this post.   Remember, this blog is about informing, creating community, and having fun.

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