Growing Your Own Herb Garden


Whether you’re plucking basil leaves to place on top of a homemade pizza or muddling mint into a mojito, there’s nothing like fresh herbs from the garden. Below, you’ll find a few of our go-to tips for getting started

Choose A Sunny Spot

Most herbs want at least 4-6 hours of full sun everyday as it allows the essential oils that give herbs their taste and scent to fully develop. We suggest keeping fresh herbs by your kitchen for easy access to fresh, delicious ingredients, but plant your herbs anywhere you like. 

Try A Container Garden

Most herbs will grow in containers, but the best for container gardening are: basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cilantro, parsley, sage, chives, lavender, tarragon and lemon verbena. Containers with a drainage hole are a great solution for herb gardening because they regulate watering, keep over-eager herbs like mint from dominating the garden, and can be moved inside during winter to continue the harvest. Just make sure to pick a container with drainage holes. 


Go Organic

When you are ready to pot up your herbs, fill the container half-way with a high-quality, organic potting mix such as Homestead’s own Maryland Select Organic Potting Soil. Since you’ll be eating these herbs and serving them, why not choose an organic potting soil?

The team of experts at Homestead Gardens is here to answer any questions you have about what herbs and veggies you should you plant this season. You can also read more from our blog on how to grow a vegetable garden for spring.