Grow a Row for the Needy

Grow a Row

Did you see the news that so far at least 1000 pounds of vegetables have been harvested from the White House proDSC03028duce garden? Now that’s big news! Most of it goes to charity.

Speaking of giving back, here’s a message from the Capital Area Food Bank, a most deserving group in Washington, D.C.


For those of you who do your own vegetable growing, I want to let you know about a new program my department just launched. It’s called Grow A Row, and it aims to connect gardeners like you with your neighborhood social programs (food pantries, soup kitchens, childcare programs). We’re asking gardeners to grow an extra row for the less fortunate in the DC Metro area. As it might be too late to plant an extra row, you can also donate your excess harvest, rather than gifting your neighbors with bags of zucchini.

Fresh produce is an essential component of a healthy diet, but is not frequently donated to soup kitchens or food pantries due to its perishable nature. Grow A Row is an excellent opportunity to bridge community, build relationships, and provide people of low income with access to fresh, local produce. If you’re interested in participating, or for more information email Anika Roth and Jody Tick:  [email protected]