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It’s Time To Plant Those Seeds

Fully Stocked!

January is an excellent time to plan for spring and summer gardening. Not sure where to start? We have a broad variety of seeds, so come on in and our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you in choosing the products that are right for you! 

Keep Your Pets Warm & Dry This Winter

Visit Our Farm & Pet Department!

With temperatures dropping, it is important to keep our pet’s safety on our mind. All pets need protection from extreme temperatures including warm, dry, draft-free shelter; plenty of food; and lots of water.

Our Greenhouse Is Freshly Stocked

Houseplants Are Always In Season

A little green will brighten any home! Currently in our greenhouse: Peace Lily | Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Miniature Ferns | Snake Plants | Aloe | Monstera | Orchids | & SO MUCH MORE! 

Winter Has Officially Arrived

Pick Up Our Quality Firewood Today!

Our firewood is seasoned after it is split allowing excess moisture to evaporate, which prevents slow burn and excessive smoke. We also carry fatwood and kindling to help get your fire started!

Current Sales


Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed

SALE Price: $14.99, Regular Price: $21.99 

25 lb bag. While supplies last! Feed the birds and enjoy their beautiful colors during the otherwise bleak months of winter!

Pennington Wild Bird Feed

up to 75% OFF

Shade, Ornamental, Dogwoods, & Japanese Myrtles are 50% OFF. Excludes Wholesale. In stock Items Only. While Supplies last.