Garden Conservancy Tour Yields Eye Candy

by Susan Harris

If you’re familiar with the Garden Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving America’s best gardens, you know that their “Open Days” garden tours are top-notch, usually grand and always interesting.   Here are my favorite views from the recent tour in D.C.

Colorful "front yard" filled with Knockout roses and companion perennials

Stone walls make great backdrops for perennials.

Details like these add so much!

Nothing like a professional harpist to add some atmosphere.

The swimming pool on the right comes with a special surprise – a famous owner!  Though the printed program didn’t breathe a word of this, when tour-goers entered that little out-building behind the waterfall they found the home office of writer Christopher Buckley – nice digs!  Click here for more photos of this garden and one of the inside of his office.

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