The Colorful, Versatile Hydrangea

Hydrangeas have been favorites of landscapers and gardeners for generations, and they are making a real resurgence in recent years. One of the most versatile of perennial shrubs, Hydrangeas can be grown in sun, shade and in between. They thrive in beds as well as in containers. Their blooms make a magnificent bouquet of cut flowers, and are excellent dried flowers as well. You can even control the bloom color of many varieties!



Paniculata Hydrangeas are becoming more and more popular every year. They flourish in full sun and range in size from 3’ to 8’. In addition to the varieties pictured above, we also carry ‘Vanilla Strawberry’, ‘Quick Fire’ and ‘Pinky Winky’.


‘Vanilla Strawberry’ is a hybrid of PeeGee Hydrangea and has two-toned panicles of white and pink. It will mature to 6-7 feet and prefers a sunny location.


‘Quick Fire’ has blooms of rich dark pink and often blooms a month earlier than other paniculata varieties. Planted in a sunny situation, this variety will grow to 6-7 feet.


‘Pinky Winky’ has an abundance of flowers that open white and mature to pink. Mature size is 6 to 8 feet. This variety does best in full sun also.


macrophyllaMacrophylla Hydrangeas are the queen of the shady garden from May through early fall with blue or pink flowers atop the lush green foliage all summer. Many mophead varieties, such as ‘Nantucket Blue’, ‘All Summer Beauty’, and ‘Endless Summer’ have continuous bloom. ‘Twist n-Shout’ is a reblooming lacecap. We carry numerous other selections as well.


‘Pia’ is a dwarf pink mophead variety staying compact to 2-3 feet. Flower color can be affected by soil acidity. It generally blooms mid to late season.


‘Let’s Dance Starlight’ is an excellent lacecap variety with vivid pink or blue flowers. Ultimate size is 2-3 feet, perfect for a shady area with limited space available. It is classified as a rebloomer as it blooms on old and new wood.


‘Bloomstruck’ is the newest introduction in the Endless Summer series of reblooming Hydrangeas. The mophead blooms can be pink, blue, or violet, depending upon the soil acidity. We are striving to keep this new beauty in stock, but it is in demand, so be sure to check back throughout the season to insure adding one to your garden.