Trees & Shrubs: Spring

Twice the Color! ReBLOOMTM Azaleas

rebloom-azalea-logoHomestead Gardens is pleased to introduce a new reblooming series of Azaleas to you this spring. The ReBLOOMTM series was developed by Bob Head, a famed plant breeder, also known for the Bloom-A-Thon series of Azaleas, as well as Teddy Bear Magnolia.

These remarkable evergreen azaleas are disease-resistant and feature large flowers that appear in spring, then rebloom in the summer, and continue blooming until hit by a hard frost. Hot summer temperatures will not stop these azaleas from producing prolific amounts of flowers in late summer. 

An added benefit of this series is that they offer a better cold hardiness, withstanding temperatures
of 0 to -10 degrees F. The azaleas also stay somewhat compact because of the self-pruning nature and continual flushes of flowering, thus promoting more branching.

They are moderate growers and will reach their mature size in 10-12 years. Full sun is tolerated, but they thrive in partial shade. For best performance, the soil should be well-drained, moist and fertile. A highly organic, slightly acid soil is preferred. Hollytone is an excellent organic fertilizer for adding nutrients to the soil.

There are 9 varieties in the series and we hope to offer all the remarkable colors to you at different times throughout the spring. In addition to the 5 varieties displayed above, be on the lookout for Cherry-Pink Prestige, Firebrick Fame, Purple Spectacular, and Fuchsia Extravagance.