It’s Time for Crapemyrtles!

Ah, the season is here again for these wonderful gems to shine with their colorful blooms all summer long. Many of you are familiar with the tried and true varieties. Acoma and Natchez are our two favorite white-blooming trees. Acoma has a weeping habit, reaching 10 feet, and Natchez, with its beautiful exfoliating bark, soars to 20 feet or more.

Three purple varieties stand out: Zuni has medium to dark lavender flowers, maturing to 10 feet; Catawba is a medium purple reaching 12-15 feet; and Muskogee, the largest of the group, ascends over 20 feet, with lavender blooms.

The largest group has flowers in the pink range. Hopi has light to medium pink blooms reaching 5-10 feet. Tuskegee boasts dark pink flowers and matures to 15-20 feet with mottled gray-tan exfoliating bark. Tuscarora, with its dark coral blooms, tops 20-25 feet tall.

True reds are hard to find, but Victor, a compact grower to 3-5 feet, has dark pink to red blooms, and Tonto, at a nice 10 foot height, touts red blooms.

If you like a contrast of pink or red blooms against darker foliage, we offer five varieties: Pink Velour has shell pink flowers and Rhapsody in Pink has soft pink blooms; the contrast against the deep burgundy foliage is outstanding. Both reach 12 feet. Red Rocket and Dynamite have truly red blooms against new growth of red foliage. They both reach a height of 15 to 20 feet. Siren Red flowers are a distinctly darker, more intense red. Siren Red matures to 10 feet.

New Crapemyrtle Varieties for Summer 2014

Be sure to visit us during our Crapemyrtle Festival July 18-21 and look for some of these exciting new varieties:


Two Repeat Bloomers:

enduring-fuscia‘Enduring Summer Fuchsia’enduring-red‘Enduring Summer Red’


And two additions to the ‘Magic’ series:

‘Midnight Magic’ has dark pink flowers against deep purple foliage,
and matures to 4-6 feet.
‘Moonlight Magic’¬†blooms with white flowers and matures to a height of 8-12 feet. Such a striking contrast!moonlight-magic