Sun Perennials & Grasses

At Homestead Gardens, we’re also committed to helping the environment and protecting our local natural resources. That’s why we offer a variety of sun perennials and grasses for sale, which are beautiful and good for the environment. Many of our perennials offer habitat or food for pollinators and local wildlife, help control erosion, and reduce the need for constant watering. Be sure to ask a Homestead Gardens employee about our large selection of Maryland native perennials. We have new perennials that come in weekly too!

Sun Perennials

Perennials are a wonderful choice for any garden because they’re easy to care for and offer dependable color for several years. Some of our favorite sun perennials include Shasta daisies, salvias, balloon flowers, hyssops, and gauras. We also carry several varieties of echinacea, which offer multiple blooms in several colors and are great for attracting butterflies. Many of these varieties have tall stems that make them wonderful additions to bouquets. Perennials are a wonderful way to have a low-maintenance cut flower garden so that you can enjoy fresh flowers in your home without spending money at the florist’s shop.

As a leader in the local green industry, we must also be a leader in the preservation of our most valuable resources. That is why we have recommitted ourselves to providing a wide selection of Maryland native plants for our customers. You can find Maryland sun perennials like black-eyed Susans (rudbeckia), asters, coreopses, amsonias, and more. Visit either Homestead Gardens location for great native sun perennials for sale.

Native perennials like these provide valuable food and habitat for local wildlife and pollinators. They’re also well adjusted to Maryland’s climate, making them great choices for a low-maintenance, water-wise garden. Help us keep Maryland’s gardens sustainable by adding some native perennials to yours.


Homestead Gardens offers a large selection of perennial grasses for sale. Many perennial grasses are quite tall, some reaching up to six feet, making them an ideal background for flower beds. Of course, perennial grasses also offer a unique charm of their own, looking especially gorgeous swaying in the breeze. If you’re a cut flower enthusiast, be sure to plant extra grass for use as a filler in bouquets.

Some perennial grasses are excellent choices to help mitigate stormwater runoff. Their large root systems can take up excess water during a major rain event and help prevent erosion and runoff that would otherwise damage the bay.

To complement your landscape, come into Homestead Gardens and check out our selection of perennial grasses for sale. We have both small and tall varieties, and some that are deer-resistant. Some of our top picks include pampas grass, blue fescue, silver grass, and fountain grass.

Wow. Just happened to stop by, looking for milkweed to plant for the monarch butterflies. Found a huge selection of everything garden related. Cindy J.