Perennials are the tried-and-true backbone of any garden. With just a bit of maintenance, they provide colorful foliage and flowers for your yard each year. At Homestead Gardens, there’s a variety of perennials for sale. There’s always something in bloom for sun, shade, butterflies, birds, or deer-resistance, as well as a variety of bulbs and seeds for your space. Our enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable perennials team is here to answer your questions and help you choose the best perennials for your situation.


We have committed ourselves to providing a wide selection of Maryland native plants for our customers. Here are our current stock of native perennials:

Fall Bulbs


Starting your perennial garden from seeds and bulbs can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You start with something small, and with just a bit of care, get a beautiful plant that adds interest to your landscape year after year.


Sun Perennials & Grasses

At Homestead Gardens, we’re also committed to helping the environment and protecting our local natural resources. That’s why we offer a variety of sun perennials and grasses for sale, which are beautiful and good for the environment.


Shade Perennials & Ground Covers

We’ve got what you need to make the most of every corner of your property. We know that you can have a beautiful landscape, even if your yard comes with certain tricky spots.


Pollinator-Friendly Perennials In Stock


Late blooming Perennials | Ornamental Grasses | Maryland Native Selections | Pollinator Friendly Plants and much more! Cooler temps don’t mean it’s time to pack up the trowel and spade. Fall is actually the best time for planting! Still-warm soil allows your new perennials, trees, or shrubs roots to grow until the ground freezes and cooler air temperatures are easier on both plants and gardeners. All in all, your new planting will have a head start on spring growth before the snow even melts!