Grills, Pantry & Birding

At Homestead Gardens, we carry all the birding, grills, and lawn care accessories you need to make sure your backyard is the best on the block. Check out our birding section to find a wide variety of bird feeds and houses. Visit us for a wide selection of top-quality, name-brand grills at great prices. Find the seed, sprays, watering tools, and other lawn care accessories you need to keep your lawn looking great all season long.


Getting the family outside and enjoying nature can be tough in the winter. While the cold may put a damper on many activities, birdwatching is actually a great winter pastime. While it is true that some birds migrate to more tropical locales in Mexico and South America for winter there are plenty of bird species that stick around or only travel as far as they need to find food.

In our area, winter can be a difficult time for birds. The days are short, and nights are often cold and long. Their natural food supply has been consumed and water may be hard to find.

Homestead Gardens will help you provide a balanced diet for birds just when they need it most! Feed the birds and enjoy their beautiful colors during the otherwise bleak months of winter. We have a wide variety of seeds to attract a variety of birds.

In addition, finding shelter becomes more difficult and birds may seek man-made houses or habitats that can provide refuge from frigid temperatures and inclement weather. Homestead Gardens has everything you need to give the birds a helping hand this season. We have a beautiful assortment of bird houses that will make any bird feel like they have found their very own castle.

Grilling Center

No backyard is complete without a good grill. At Homestead Gardens, we’re huge fans of outdoor living. A quality grill is important to enjoying evenings outdoors during Maryland’s gorgeous summers. A few friends or family members and a quality grill make for an amazing evening.

We have the area’s LARGEST selection of grills! Homestead Gardens carries all types of grills, including gas grills, charcoal grills, portable and electric grills, and ceramic grills. We carry the best, most sought-after brands in the grilling business, including Weber, Big Green Egg, and Primo.

We also have a huge selection of grill accessories, including grill covers, cleaners, racks, tools, and lots of other cool gizmos. Keep grilling your best with the latest accessories from Homestead Gardens. Don’t forget to stop by our pantry for rubs, seasonings, and BBQ sauces! Stop by either of our stores to check out our grilling centers.

Do you know the best part about purchasing your grill from Homestead Gardens, rather than a big box store? We can even help you with white-glove delivery and assembly of your new grill. Pick your favorite and get grilling. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. Homestead Gardens stands behind our partnered manufacturers and will process any warranty claims on your behalf.

Lawn Care

Make Homestead Gardens your go-to for lawn care accessories. We have everything your garden or landscape needs in our Lawn & Garden Supply Department. Come in and check out our selection of sprays, watering tools, seeds, and much more. Keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful with Homestead Gardens lawn care accessories and advice. We’ve got what you need to care for your lawn in every season.

If you have lawn care questions, visit our Diagnostics Counter. Our experts can identify mystery plants, solve insect and disease dilemmas, and answer your turf and seeding questions. We also provide informational brochures and handouts. Check our blog for seasonal lawn care advice. A little effort to maintain your lawn in every season can help ensure that it stays healthy and beautiful all summer long.

Many of the staff recognizes us and say hello each time we visit. The "Grill guy" is great. He gives great advice on the grills and cooking. Gary. H